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The Sports Of A Sports Physician - 1218 Words

Hello my name is Gabrielle Spears also known as Dr. (doctor) Spears. I received my Associates from Jackson Community College (Located in Jackson Michigan), from there I continued my education at a higher level which was at Howard University (Located in Washington D.C) where I received my Bachelors, Masters, then my PHD (Doctors of Philosophy) in sports medicine you could only imagine how much time that took out of my busy schedule, I’m saying that because anything is possible with time and commit. I am now a Sports Physician. A Sports Physician is much like your average doctor where you go to get a yearly checkup except I only specialize on athletes and or sports related injuries. I am the doctor you would come to see if you were interested in getting a sports physical for a sport such as Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Track and Field, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Bowling, Wrestling, Cheer Leading, Cross Country, Volley Ball, Soft Ball, Swimming Golf, etc. Are all sport s athletes will come to me for if it is minatory for them to get a physical before the season starts in order to participate in the sport he or she are trying out for. I only accept high school patience’s and elementary levels also patience’s that plays Club, AAU, and Seven on Seven no sports at any higher or lower levels. The name of my office is called GLS (Gabrielle Lashe Spears) Sports Medicine located in Alcon Mississippi 44755 Alcon Bluff. If interested in any services or looking for a place ofShow MoreRelatedSports Medicine Physicians And Athletic Trainers Essay1385 Words   |  6 PagesIt’s all over the news. At least, it’s all over the sports news. There is even a movie that is entirely about this one injury. The invisible injury. An injury that can present itself as simple headaches to nausea to dizziness to complete loss of consciousness. Something that is described as a bruise to the brain caused by a bump or a blow to the head has become an athlete’s worst nightmare: a concussion (What). Concussions are becoming more and more commonplace in today’s world. Some say it isRead MoreLegalize Steroids in Sports799 Words   |  4 PagesLegalize Steroids In Sports Ben Johnson was one of the first superstar athletes to be caught using steroids and was stripped of his 100m gold medal at the 1988 Olympics. He was eventually banned for life in 1993 for testing positive again (Richardson 2010). Performance enhancing drugs have become widely used since the 1970’s and have only increased in the numbers of athletes using the drugs to up their endurance and perform to their greatest potential. Professionals such as Barry Bonds, JoseRead MoreChronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Essay1267 Words   |  6 Pagescontact sports and it is growing at an alarming rate. With the size and speed of today’s athletes, the sports of football and hockey have become more exciting, fast paced, wide open, and fun to watch. However, there is another consequence of these ever growing athletes on their sports. They have made the collisions in them increasingly more violent. The velocity that these athletes hurl themselves through the air has created an atmosp here that could not have been imagined when these sports were createdRead MoreThe Prohibition Of Performance Enhancing Drugs1257 Words   |  6 Pagesfor the lifting of these regulations to create sporting fair across all types of people. Craig Fry, an advocate for the use of performance enhancing drugs in elite sporting competitions and author of â€Å"Bring Truth into Play by Saying Yes to Drugs in Sport†, is an Australian health social sciences researcher with training in psychology, public health, and applied ethics. Fry testifies that the positives that would result in supervised PED use in elite competitions would create a more fair and balancedRead MoreGender Verification And Female Athletes Essay1133 Words   |  5 Pagesgender verification has become a major controversy for women’s sports. The International of Olympic Committee (IOC) has made gender verification essential to female sports fearing that male would be a fraudulent to participate in a female spo rt. However, the purpose of the verification method is to create a fair competitive sports game for female athletes. Gender verifications can be considered a good method to sustain the integrity of sport, but the procedure of examining the athletes have to be doneRead MoreMedicine Physical Therapy Essay1481 Words   |  6 PagesLife as a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist As a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist, many people are trained to diagnose and help prevent injuries that occur during physical activities (â€Å"Physical Medicine†). Physical therapists examine patients, and prescribe medications as well as order diagnostic tests to perform and interpret. They usually counsel their clients on preventive care, diets and also hygiene. Most physical therapists stretch, and massage their clients to help strengthen and enhanceRead MoreDetermining Women Athletes Identify As Influences On Their Participation1398 Words   |  6 Pagesparticipation in sports. The findings show that there are both obstacles and facilitators which influence their participation in sport. Interpersonal, intrapersonal, recommendations and environmental factors are facilitators to participation in sports while obstacles include financial constraints, time, and lack of social support. This chapter will provide conclusions and recommendations. Summary The study shows that athletes recognize more facilitators than obstacles to their participation in sports. ApartRead MoreEssay on The Most Popular Sports Worldwide: Soccer1143 Words   |  5 PagesSoccer remains the most popular sports worldwide. While known as soccer in the United States, it is known worldwide as association football, or just football. It is currently played by approximately 250 million individuals in over two hundred countries. The sport involves two teams with eleven members on each team. The teams must score goals with a spherical ball by passing the ball from player to player. However, the players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Rather, they mustRead MoreShould Sports Medicine Be Increased Popular Among Students?1445 Words   |  6 Pagesparticular, sports medicine is one concentration within the field that can be chosen. Sports medicine is becoming increasing popular among students. Sports medicine focuses on the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports related injuries. While many believe that sports medicine is solely for athletes or only those competing at high in sports this is not the case. Sports medicine is open for the everyday â€Å"athlete† or â€Å"regular person† to the extreme professional athlete. Sports medicine professionalsRead MoreSex Tests Are Necessary For Integrity Of Sport Essay1697 Words   |  7 PagesSisavat Professor Killick HESP 141 25 Nov 2014 Sex tests are necessary to maintain the integrity of sport. INTRODUCTION The gender verification has become a major controversy for women’s sports. The International of Olympic Committee (IOC) motto is promoting fairness among the gender equalities (IOC 2014). However, the purpose of the verification method is to create a fair competitive sports game for female athletes. According to Medical Dictionary, the definition of â€Å"Gender Verification Sex chromosome

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